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Green Tea Components and Energy

March 31, 2016

Mi0tochondria are the power plants of the cell. They do this by using oxygen to create energy by a series of electron exchange systems across a membrane. In some chronic diseases and genetic conditions this system can be impaired.

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Valenti et al, have shown that natural polyphenols of green tea – can combat mitochondrial energy deficits.

The study suggests that using polyphenols from Green Tea could help to manage some of energy deficit-associated clinical manifestations in certain genetic (e.g. Downs Syndrom) and other chronic conditions.





Licorice and weight loss

December 12, 2015

An extract of Liquorice (Licorice flavonoid oil (LFO)) has been implicated in the regulation of lipid metabolism in animal studies.  It has also been shown to lower body weight in overweight human subjects by reducing total body fat.

Results from a study by Mori et al suggest that LFO can aid fat oxidation in  during light exercise.

Liquorice is a key ingredient in the Wise Herb Company range of herbal infusions which include green tea and liquorice, amongst others.


Ginger and Fat utilisation

April 19, 2015

Studies by Miyamoto et al indicate that ingestion of ginger facilitates fat utilization especially when taken in the morning.

We have seen several studies which have implicated herbs and spices in fat burn.


Anti-fatty liver effects of oils from Zingiber officinale and Curcuma longa on ethanol-induced fatty liver by Nwozo et al.

Green Tea and Cognitive Function

April 9, 2015

April 3, 2015 –Green Tea is linked to a lower risk of dementia and related conditions (e.g. mild declines memory function) according to a study published on the website WebMD.  The Japanese study shows that Green Tea can help with cognitive function.

“Of the 723 starting participants, 490 completed a follow-up survey. The results showed that drinking green tea 1 to 6 days per week or every day was linked to less mental decline”

Great news for our Green Tea herbal infusion drinkers!

Aging and Green Tea

January 8, 2015

Oxidation processes in neurons during aging prompts the idea that consumption of antioxidants could delay neurodegenerative processes.

Specifically, the consumption of Green Tea, Fruits and Vegetables etc. could neutralize the oxidation in cells and help with the prevention of certain diseases associated with aging (dementia, Alzheimer’s etc).

Research by Assuncao and Andrade indicate that polyphenols from Green Tea could help prevent neurodegeneration and delay brain function decline.


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Christmas Stocking Fillers from The Wise Herb Company

November 27, 2014

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Holy Basil & Lung Cancer

November 2, 2014

Osteopontin is an important molecular target in cancer progression.

Evidence from studies by Kwak et al suggest that extracts of Ocimum sanctum inhibit the effect of Osteopontin in non-small cell lung cancer cells.

 Check out this link to see how Holy Basil could help with health benefits.
holy basil