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The fascinating story of Jhotan

September 22, 2010

Ketan and his team first encountered Jhotan whilst enjoying their lunch on a long walk between villages.  Jhotan took a break from his relentless ploughing as curiosity got the better of him.

They offered him some of their chapatti and dahl but he politely refused.

Jhotan pulled out a bag of herbal mixture and said that his tea was all he needed to sustain him through the day – which at this time of the year was a staggering 12 full hours of heavy work with a buffalo plough.

He smiled ‘namasted’ and handed them a handful of his mixture – miming that we would be marching with increased vigour after drinking it.  On Ketan’s return to Delhi he was amazed to find the mixture not only had properties to reduce appetite, but included the little known Garcinia which is now being researched for its apparent ability to burn fat and increase the metabolism.

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