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Calm Duruga

September 25, 2010

On Ketan´s field study with his team they stayed with Duruga and he had a lot to be anxious about. The harvest had to be gathered in quickly before the rains came and he was already behind schedule because his wife was pregnant and though helping, could not work as hard as last year.

He’d work at night, but there was no moon and there was a danger of bears and other wild animals. He sat and chatted in the light of his kerosene lamp and boiled the team a cup of his special tea. ‘I can’t afford to drink alcohol, but this is my tipple’ he laughed.

Within minutes of sipping this delicious brew they began to relax with him and felt its warm waves overcome their own anxieties as he related a tale of a bear that attacked his flimsy hut only last month in search of food. Ketan and the team have brought back his recipe which we feel is ideal for relieving the self-imposed stresses of our modern life …

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