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The Journey Begins

September 28, 2010

Between 2006 and 2008, InnOrbit spent time in the mountains of North India bordering Nepal and Tibet, observing the local people who were living a healthy lifestyle using parts of plants, herbs, trees and spices as beneficial ingredients for different functions like energy, calming, weight management, blood sugar control, memory enhancement etc.

One-on-one interviews enabled us to collect and record considerable amounts of information together with samples of the plants being used by the local people.

Armed with this data, we approached the country’s leading Traditional Ayurvedic doctors in Nagpur and Delhi.

Working with our Ayurvedic Doctors and using the data from the field research, we created proprietary blends for the different functions using pure Herbs and Spices from the region. Modern Technology was used to Extract and concentrate the active ingredients in the plants. These blends were brought back to Switzerland to develop into novel products. The Infusions are the first of our range of Ayurvedic products we launched using wild crafted Hand Picked Herbs which are Sun Dried, Cleaned, Hand Cut, Blended and Packed – 100% Natural and using back to basics traditional methods.  This is where the journey of InnOrbit began!

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