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Ginger and exercise

October 12, 2010
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I have done a lot of cycling recently and much of it in challenging mountains. So I decided to relax a little over the last few weeks and take time off.  My objective was to return to cycling again and get back into it slowly.

The best laid plans of mice and men….I went out with the local cycling club a couple of weeks ago and it was an authentic baptism of fire.  Speeds and distances which 5 months ago would have been meat and bread to my legs suddenly felt as if they had been 10 rounds with with Lance Armstrong (or something similar!).  Then I saw this interesting article on the webmd website.  A study on how ginger may also be an effective pain reliever for sore muscles.

The essence of this article is this:

“A daily dose of ginger eased muscle pain caused by exercise-induced muscle injury.  In two separate experiments, researchers looked at the effects of two grams of raw or heat-treated ginger in supplement form on muscle pain caused by exercise in 74 healthy adults.  The participants performed a variety of exercises designed to induce muscle pain over a period of 11 days while taking ginger supplements or a dummy pill.”

The conclusion of this study was this:

“Daily consumption of raw or heat-treated ginger resulted in moderate-to-large reductions in muscle pain following exercise-induced muscle injury.”

I had been reading the wonderful testimonials about the Slim & Fit infusion made by Innorbit and noticed that it contains ginger.  So, I did my own experiments over the last 10 days – a  couple of cups of tea (Slim & Fit Infusion) after the ride.  It definitely made a difference to sore legs.  Recovery was quicker and I was able to get out on the bike two days on the trot (not something I’d imagined 3 weeks ago).

Previous studies have shown that ginger has anti-inflammatory benefits which may explain its positive effects on muscle pain.

I will keep trying this nutritional approach and report back in a few weeks!

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