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Green Tea compounds may help immunity

October 29, 2010

Green Tea Benefits

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a bioactive component of green tea, is in the research news again. Researchers investigated whether EGCG  affected CD11b expressed on B cells, similar to cytotoxic T cells.  The effects of EGCG on the ability of B cells to adhere to and to transmigrate through the endothelial cell layer were evaluated.  Results showed that EGCG significantly suppressed the apparent expression of CD11b on B cells.  EGCG also significantly suppressed CD11b-mediated migration and adhesion of B cells to endothelial cells.

What does this mean?

EGCG has a strong suppressive activity on the adhesive and migratory abilities of peripheral blood B cells. This suppressive activity was mediated by the binding of EGCG to CD11b on B cells. B cell plays an important role in the humoral immunity and therefore EGCG could be a promising drug for the prevention and/or treatment of allergic and/or autoimmune diseases.

Green tea is used as a base in the 4  functional drinks InnOrbit produce: Calm&Relax, Up&Go, Slim&Fit and Young&Fun.  The compounds contained in Green Tea are increasingly being associated with many medical benefits.  The latest findings are demonstrating that Ayurvedic doctors were already onto a good thing! Dr A. Ward (InnOrbit)

Check out the article abstract: here


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