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A word about cycle training and infusions

December 8, 2010

Both  Innorbit infusions Up & Go and Slim & Fit have been drunk on a regular basis recently in this house.  They are 100% natural and I have been using the infusions extensively in the last couple of weeks as part of my training programme (I was going to use the word regime but I actually enjoy doing this!).

The teas, which taste great, are helping me in several ways, amongst them:

  • In recovery – I think the herb ginger is helping in this respect but I think there are some other natural anti-inflammatory ingredients which are facilitating the post-exercise recovery.
  • Weight control – I  have lost a couple of pounds which is due in large to the natural  satieting effects of the green tea and some other effects which help in the control of blood sugars (e.g. Garcinia).  It will be interesting to see the effect on a longer ride in the summer when blood sugar control is critical.

More updates on the progress of my cycle training and the potential help from Innorbit Infusions coming soon…

A cyclist on a real bike in the fresh air climbing the Stelvio in Italy


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