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Health centres,Hotels and Restaurants etc.: watch this triangular space

December 13, 2010

As the holiday period approaches Innorbit are already one step ahead as they expand their range and offerings via innovative packaging.  Below we show  part of the new packaging that has been developed for Hotels and Restaurants and offers to extend their offer in new and novel scenarios like health centres and similar.

The new small pack will offer hotels and restaurants the opportunity to give their guests a more complete range of tea drinking opportunities and enable them to take advantage of the fantastic functionalities that the Innorbit Ayurvedic Teas offer.  Also, we think it will complement the products that health and sports centres are offering.

The teas will help in the following functional areas:

•       Clients who want help with controlling their weight;
•       Sports people who want to maintain fitness and need extra help before and after events;
•       Helping people with stress and who want to relax after a hard day at work and/or looking after the kids;
•       Help people who want a  fuller and longer active life.

More information and news on the packaging and format innovations from Innorbit coming soon…….

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