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Tea and weight loss

February 18, 2011

Before Christmas I was talking to the sales director at Innorbit, Robin Reid, about infusions and the recent range that Innorbit had launched.  Naturally he was very enthusiastic about this product and told me about how his wife had been using the Slim & Fit too help control and even lost weight.  He even said that a couple of other people that she knew had been taking the infusions as part of sensible diet and seen some remarkable results losing weight.

Naturally, as sceptical scientist, I wanted to know more and I also wanted to do my own experiments.  I love anecdotal evidence like this as sometimes there is no smoke without fire and there is enough documented evidence to suggest that the natural ingredients in Slim & Fit could help in controlling the digestion of carbohydrates and fats (e.g. Caralluma Fimbriata & Garcinia).  Granted that a lot of the scientific evidence is on rats etc.  So, this rat decided to do his own experiments.

Innorbit with SLIM & FIT at IFE 2011:

I decided to take a cup of Slim & Fit after my lunch instead of the more normal coffee.  I also took another cup mid evening time (using the same teabag – great advantage of these teabags is that there are a lot of leaves in there).  I started this “infusion diet” on the 1st December 2010.  My weight had, to be fair, gone up quite a lot.  Normally I do a lot of cycling during the summer months and so I was weighing about 5 kg more.  A good time to start!!  The rest of my diet has been more or less the same (apart from the usual indulgences at Christmas!).

Weight: 1.12.10









Weight: 1.01.11

February result:

Weight: 21.02.2011


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