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The InnOrbit Journey

March 8, 2011

The Quest for Health see the full article here: THE GROCERY TRADER

The Journey

In the above article in the The Grocery Trader, Ketan Joshi explains how the InnOrbit journey began with natural herbs and spices from the Mountains of North India and came back to the mountains of Europe in Switzerland.

The Infusions – The first products

One of the many advantages of an infusion made from herbs is that the delivery of the active ingredients (100% natural) into the blood stream is fast.

The Ayurvedic Products with Key Health Benefits:





Key Functionalities

  • Weight Control;
  • Energy Boosting and Recovery;
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief;
  • Memory and Concentration Enhancement.

InnOrbit have also carefully designed unique “Pillow” Packs and Formats, which  have wide appeal in other sectors like Hotels & Restaurants.

Shoot for the Stars
For 2011, InnOrbit have taken their Ayurvedic Up&Go infusion and concentrated it into a 60 ml shot.

InnOrbit Ayurvedic Up&Go Shot is designed for an Instant Energy Boost to keep you Alert for at least 3 hours after consumption… without the crash.

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