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Ingredients Companies See Value of Ayurveda

April 25, 2011

Full Article: HERE

German ingredients manufacturer Symrise has already launched a new range of botanicals based on Ayurvedic medicine. Growing interest in both Ayurvedic medicine and natural cosmetic products is leading to a constant stream of new launches that benefit the properties of this ancient Indian practice.

In use for over 5000 years, Ayurveda is a traditional method of healing that is said to provide a harmonious balance between body and soul.  And following in the trend for natural active ingredients for cosmetics formulations, Ayurvedic ingredients are appearing in products ranging from shampoos, to lip balms and sunscreens.  Symrise has to tap into this market by developing its Ayurvedic Extrapones range – preparations that are made from a variety of botanical extracts from an aqueous-glycolic or glycerin base.  To develop the ingredients line, the company worked with Dr. Chandrakant Basole, an Indian expert who has been involved with Ayurvedic medicines for the past 20 years.  In that time he has developed a specialization in phtytoscience and the workings of Ayurvedic plants. In India, such plants have been used in cosmetics products for centuries, a phenomenom that the West is now starting to catch onto.

“Ayurvedic-based cosmetics are slowly moving out of the specialist category and into the mass market. Proof of this came back in March of this year, when UK retailer Tesco launched its own line of skin care products formulated with ingredients sourced according to Ayurvedic principles, as part of what it termed a more ‘holistic’ approach to skin care.”

La compañía internacional de ingredientes, Symrise,  ya ha lanzado una nueva gama de productos basado en la medicina ayurvédica. El creciente interés en la medicina ayurvédica está impulsando un flujo de nuevos lanzamientos que se benefician las propiedades de esta ciencia antigua.

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