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It’s not just the Catechins!

April 25, 2011

In Nicholas Perricone’s book – Forever Young: The Science of Nutrigenomics for Glowing, Wrinkle-Free Skin – he mentions that the catechins in Green Tea are powerful anti0xidants that can help in leading a healthy disease free life.

But he also recognises that there are many other functional ingredients with positive health effects.  Interestingly, Ayurvedic doctors had already been one step ahead.  This is the intrinsic beauty of the Ayurveda science employed by InnOrbit for their infusions.

At InnOrbit we use Green tea as a base then on top of that add other ingredients in a precise proportion (calculated by Ayurvedic scientists).  Perricone also mentions ingredients such as cinnamon.

In one study in USDA research centre volunteers who had eaten apple pie – high in sugar and refined flour – & did not experience the large expected rise in their blood sugar levels.


Cinnammon is one of the other ingredients in apple pie.  It is a phytonutrient and contains flavo-3-ols a powerful class of antioxidants:

“This class of antioxidants boosts the stabilising effect of insulin on blood sugar and at the same time inhibit insulin resistance”

Phytonutrients like Cinnamon also have other compelling functionality:

  1. Inhibits the release of inflammatory fatty acids
  2. Reduces the production of the inflammatory prostaglandin – Thromboxane A2

Those Ayurvedic doctors were already on to something 5000 years ago.

Check out more information: here


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