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Giving a Shot to the Energy Drink Sector

April 26, 2011

A recent article in  on  a new Leatherhead report has highlighted how vitamin fortification and other ‘health and wellness’ claims are driving growth in the global sports and energy drink market.






The shots market growth is good news for InnOrbit – with 2 types of Energy booster, the InnOrbit shots are:

  • Sugar & Caffeine free
  •  replete with micronutrients form the herbs infused into the shots,
  • Natural.

The Leatherhead report goes onto state that a wave of new products that promise to be healthier or more natural has helped increase sales of both sports and energy drinks.

The Leatherhead report says:

 “The market has benefited from the worldwide health and wellness trend, whilst news drinks featuring lower sugar levels and more natural ingredients have also assisted in attracting new consumers to the category.”

“Of key importance to the sports and energy drinks category is the ability of the product to retain its functionality, whilst also being able to live up to additional claims such as being natural or healthier.”

Full article can be read HERE

The InnOrbit shots look like they are ready to satisfy the needs of consumers needing an energy boost but without compromise i.e. caffeine free, natural & sugar free!  Recent worries by health professionals and authorities suggest that caffeine & sugar free may be the way forward with these drinks creating a potentially more educated and health conscious market for energy drinks.


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