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Take your time….have a cup of tea….

June 6, 2011

Are we doing things too quickly? Should we slow down a little and take our time?

The scientists who designed & performed these experiments were certainly in it for the long haul:

The Beverly Clock, located in The Dept. of Physics at the University of Otago was built by A. Beverly and been wound up once, in 1864 the date when it was constructed.  Were not sure it keeps good time but the clock is still running!









The Pitch drop experiment: was initiated in 1927 by T. Parnell.   Pitch was placed in a funnel and then was timed to see how fast it would empty.  It took over 10 years for the pitch to settle down.  In the year 2000 the eighth drop fell!  Apparently, the experiment continues at the University of Queensland’s Physics Department.











The Oxford Bell Experiment was started at Oxford University in 1840.  The bell “clappers” are powered by 2 crude batteries covered in sulphur.  The bells are still ringing today and show no signs of giving up.

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