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Green Tea Benefits: Latest

July 3, 2011

Green Tea Lowers Cholesterol:

Studies by Zheng et al showed that through the administration of green tea beverages or extracts  significant reductions in serum TC and LDL-cholesterol concentrations resulted.  See Article HERE.

Green Tea – A potent antioxidant:

Hydrogen peroxide generates free radicals during UV-induced oxidation processes in human skin. Using assay, the Jagdeo & Brody demonstrated that green tea polyphenols inhibited the free radical production in human skin cells.  See Article HERE

Green Tea, as part of a nutrient mixture, may have  potential use in human leukemia treatments:

Leukemia is characterized by uncontrolled marrow cell proliferation, amongst other features. Roomi et  al investigated the antitumor potential of a nutrient mixture on malignant leukemia containing green tea extract and other nutrients.  The nutrient mixture could be useful against multiple targets in P-388 leukemia and may have potential in human leukemia treatments.


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