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Can Licorice/Liquorice protect?

October 20, 2011

Recently licorice or Liquorice, or maybe it would be easier to use the latin Glycyrrhiza glabra,  has been gaining some momentum again in the scientific literature.

Researchers (Ojha S et al) have demonstrated the cardioprotective potential of G. glabra against heart attack by the reduction of oxidative stress and favorable modulation of cardiac function.  Full article abstract can be seen here.

In another paper Csuk et al  studied the extracts of the roots of licorice (& they use this spelling!).  This traditional ayurvedic herb has been used in medicine to treat a variety of ilnesses for many thousands of years.

The main ingredient of licorice extracts is glycyrrhicinic acid.  It has many biological activities, among them a pronounced cytotoxicity against tumor cells. In this study they showed that glycyrrhetinic acid derivatives can influence cytotoxic activity and suggest that they can induce apoptosis.


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