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Green Tea: heart health

October 20, 2011

EGCG (catechins), quercetin and other molecules found in green tea have significant antioxidant effect.

Researchers at Department of Pharmacology in Suzhou University have performed some studies and their results look like green tea ingredients could help in the preservation of healthy heart muscle.

Their data suggest that these molecules may inhibit cardiac myocyte apoptosis by preventing telomere shortening.

“It has taken us 100 years to catch up with something that we probably knew about 5000 years ago.”  Dr Andrew Ward, InnOrbit

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  1. October 20, 2011 1:37 pm

    I’m skeptical about drawing conclusions from a single study, and I generally discourage bloggers from writing about them because single studies can mislead the public, and encourage health hype as science does its natural back-and-forth of studying different things and getting different data on the same things.

    There is some evidence that tea is good for your health; there’s a pretty good review of the literature on the Linus Pauling Institute’s page on tea. They actually conclude that decreasing the risk of heart disease is one of the “health benefits” of tea that has the strongest scientific backing. But even here, the reduction is modest (11%), even for people who drink three cups of tea a day.

    Tea is healthy, but I think that talking too much about tea and health can be misleading because, in the end, tea is primarily a beverage, and if you are really concerned about heart disease and heart health, stress level, aerobic exercise, and other aspects of diet are all far more important.


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