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Anticancer biology Review: Neem (InnOrbit key ingredient)

October 27, 2011

Cancer Biology & Therapy (Paul R, Prasad M, Sah NK)

“Neem (Azadirachta indica), is a fast growing tropical evergreen tree with tremendous therapeutic, domestic, agricultural and medicinal significance.  Neem has been called “the wonder tree” and “nature’s drug store.” All parts of this tree, particularly the leaves, bark, seed-oil and their purified products are widely used for treatment of cancer. Over 60 different types of biochemicals including terpenoids and steroids have been purified from this plant. Pre-clinical research work done during the last decade has fine-tuned our understanding of the anticancer properties of the crude and purified products from this plant. The anticancer properties of the plant have been studied largely in terms of its preventive, protective, tumor-suppressive, immunomodulatory and apoptotic effects against various types of cancer and their molecular mechanisms. This review aims at scanning scattered literature on “the anticancer biology of A. indica,” related toxicity problems and future perspectives. There are numerous studies  on the anticancer biology of products from A. indica deserve multi-institutional clinical trials as early as possible. The prospects of relatively cheaper cancer drugs could then be brighter, particularly for the under-privileged cancer patients of the world.”


Neem induces generation of reactive oxygen species and mitochondria-mediated apoptosis in rat oocytes

Neem leaf glycoprotein restricts tumor growth (mouse model);

Impact of  neem leaf extract on rel protein-regulated cell death/radio-sensitization in pancreatic cancer cells.

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