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Why a “total” approach to lifestyle & nutrition is important…

November 24, 2011

Utilising the latest research and 5000 year old technology, InnOrbit products can provide you with a personalised nutrition programme based on your individual goals.  However, we stress that is not about doing just one thing or eating one type of food.

InnOrbit provide the tools and the knowledge about our products but you do need to take a holistic approach to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle whether you are looking to lose weight, lower high blood pressure or high cholesterol, manage diabetes, or  adopt better habits.  This is also in line with Ayurvedic principles.

As part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle InnOrbit have developed their 100% natural products and we feel they will complement a way to a healthier lifestyle!

“Ayurveda views each and every person as unique, with a unique mind-body constitution and a unique set of life circumstances, all of which must be considered in determining either natural healing approaches or recommendations for daily living. This view is in alignment with the modern science which views individuals as unique in the universe with a unique DNA.

According to Ayurveda, because we each have a unique constitution, our health prescription must be unique to us. This means that in order to be healthy, you need to eat certain foods that are beneficial for your body type and stay away from others. Your exercise program must be personally suitable as well. Your constitution determines very much about you – your body, your personality, even how you relate to other people. Understanding it lets you know what you need in order to be healthy”. Ref: Ayurveda Holistic Online


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