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Energy, Active Mind, Good Metabolism and Sound Sleep with InnOrbit

November 28, 2011

24 hours with the Wise Herb Company:

07:00 AM  – UP&GO  –  A wake up call and a great way to Naturally Energise the body at the start of the day…

011:00 AM – YOUNG&FUN – Eleven normally is a good time to have a break and to have a snack or take a drink.  If I have time I have been taking YOUNG & FUN to help with Brain function.  It seems to be a mind pick-me-up and certainly gets me through to lunch!

16:00 PM – SLIM & FIT – Tea time!  But not tea and scones.  After a mediterranean lunch what better to way to help to aid digestion then a SLIM & FIT functional drink – helps boost the Metabolism and burn body fat naturally.  Certainly, seems to help with a good supply of energy up to the last of hour of work!

21:00 PM – CALM & RELAX  – And finally….it is the time to wind down after a hard day at work and all the duties around the house.  Ayurvedic CALM & RELAX Herbal Green Tea Infusion is developed using traditional Ayurvedic blends from India, to help Relax naturally, Relieve Anxiety and Support Natural Sleep.


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