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Suggestions on when to drink InnOrbit Functional Drinks: Part II

November 28, 2011

We have had some great feedback about the last Blog entry.  Generally, there was general agreement about when our InnOrbiters were drinking their various infusions.  There was another similar pattern emerging:

UP&GO – Start your day – A wake up call in the morning!

SLIM&FIT – around 11am – to stop you feeling hungry.

YOUNG&FUN – afternoon tea – or break time ..  an  active Antioxidant to recharge.

Have a cuppa!

SLIM&FIT – early evening to alleviate “hunger pangs” around dinner time.

CALM&RELAX – evening / night – unwind from an hectic day and aid natural sleep.

We have designed the InnOrbit functional drink range to be taken at the exact time or moment you need it.  From waking up in the morning or energising your day to relaxing later on in the evening.  In between, there are even drinks to recharge the mind and to help with digestion and suppress those hunger pangs!”  Dr. Andrew Ward (InnOrbit)

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