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Lemon Grass: Protective role to a Carcinogen

December 8, 2011

The researchers,  Bidinotto LT, Costa CA, Costa M, Rodrigues MA, & Barbisan LS , studied Lemon grass essential oil.  Lemon grass has been used extensively as a medicine in many cultures.  Regarding its medicinal usefulness, the researchers evaluated the beneficial effects of lemon grass essential oil (LGEO) oral treatment on cell proliferation and apoptosis events and on early development of hyperplastic lesions in the mammary gland, colon, and urinary bladder induced by N-methyl-N-nitrosourea (MNU) – a carcinogen – in an animal model.

Lemon grass  oral treatment significantly changed the indexes of apoptosis and/or cellular proliferation for the tissues analyzed. In particular, the treatment reduced the incidence of hyperplastic lesions and increased apoptosis in mammary epithelial cells.

“The increment in the apoptosis response may be related to a favorable balance in Bcl-2/Bax immunoreactivity in mammary epithelial cells. These findings indicate that Lemon grass presented a protective role against early MNU-induced mammary gland alterations.”

The Bcl-2–associated X protein, or Bax is a protein of the Bcl-2 gene family. It promotes apoptosis.
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