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Cardamom: A Versatile Functional Ingredient

December 14, 2011


STOP PRESS – Latest research results on Cardamom just in (12 Jan 2012):

Cardamom has been shown to be a versatile functional ingredient by the medical research community and is implicated in, amongst others:

  • Inhibiting cell growth proliferation,
  • Promoting programmed cell death, in human colon cancer cells.

In terms of its positive Cardiovascular properties it has been implicated in the:

Clearly Cardamon has several heart warming medicinal properties and we are happy to use in InnOrbit Functional drinks.


Chemo-preventive properties of constituents of cardamom against carcinogenesis

Health Benefits of Cardamom

“Cardamom (Elletaria cardamomum) is a relative to the ginger family and traditionally has been used to add flavor to food and beverages.  It has been known in India to have medicinal properties and scientific analysis of cardamom revealed that it is an excellent dietary source of limonene, a chemical predominantly found in the skin of citrus fruits.  A study performed by Mário R. Maróstica Junior at State University of Campinas in Brazil showed that consumption of limonene boosted antioxidant activity.  Due to the presence of limonene, consumption of cardamon can offer many health benefits”

Cardomom is one of the key ingredients in InnOrbit’s functional drinks Young&Fun.


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