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G-Force: Garcinia

December 20, 2011


The natural ingredient Garcinia is more famous for its ability to control weight and even weight loss.

However, Garcinia has been gathering attention in other health related areas and results suggest that it can help with beating cancer amongst other chronic conditions.

Research by Wang et al  provides an insight into the cellular and molecular mechanisms through which a Garcinia component, Neogambogic acid, can impair the proliferation of breast cancer cells.

 Cheng and co-workers showed that Garcinol, derived from Garcinia, has been found to modulate several cell signalling pathways involved in apoptosis and cancer development.   They suggest a promising therapeutic application of garcinol in p53-independent apoptosis in cancers.

And lastly, Farombi & Owoeye  demonstrated the chemopreventive properties of Garcinia biflavonoids and its abilities to scavenge free radicals, induce detoxification, inhibit stress response proteins and interfere with DNA binding activities of some transcription factors.  They suggest that Garcinia could therefore have antioxidant, antidiabetic, antigenotoxic and hepatoprotective properties.

Back to its weight controlling abilities. Researchers at the University of Florida suggest that hydroxycitric acid (HCA) derived from Garcinia (a key InnOrbit ingredient) could be a potential candidate to safely reduce food intake, body weight, and oxidative stress levels.

In a separate study, Ryu et al  have shown that an extract of Garcinia, which contains high levels of compounds known as Xanthones, has a beneficial pharmacological effect and can elicit reduction of Postprandial blood glucose.  The studies demonstrated that the active ingredients in Garcinia can inhibit alpha-glucosidase which is an enzyme responsible for the breakdown of sugars like maltose.  The results suggest that Garcinia could be extremely useful in controlling weight, blood sugar and related chronic medical conditions.

Garcinia and Caralluma are active natural ingredients in InnOrbit’s 100% natural functional drink Slim&Fit:

 “As part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, Garcinia could be useful in maintaining a fit and trim body” Andrew Ward (InnOrbit)


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