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Ginger: Dances Through Time

December 21, 2011


Ginger has a long history in many cultures as a rich culinary compliment and enhancer of flavour. And “when Grandmother knows best” it has been commonly used to help relieve nausea amongst other ailments.

Recent research has backed up the Ayurvedic science and the long standing tradition of using Ginger for certain medical treatments.

For example, Research at the University of Sydney, on Ginger components Gingerols, has found it may also reduce pain and inflammation.

We have also published on this website many instance were modern science is finally catching up with the knowledge of older cultrures like Ayurveda in India.

As well as being a plant that is known to help with digestion, Ginger is now being shown to have a complex and multi-disciplinary functionality. Research suggests that as well as its digestion-enhancing activities it can help with conditions such as inflammation, sore muscles, cancer and immune response. We will keep you updated on this blog on how modern scientists are revealing the medicinal secrets of Ginger!!” Andrew Ward (InnOrbit)

Ginger is a key ingredient in InnOrbit functional drinks: UP&Go, Calm&Relax, and Slim&Fit.

…”El Jengibre, así como actividades para mejorar la digestión, podría ayudar evitar la inflamación, dolor en los músculos, el cáncer y la respuesta inmunológica”…


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