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The A-Z continues into 2012….with…

January 4, 2012
Licorice |ˈlik(ə)ri sh; -ris| ( British spelling: liquorice)

noun 1. a sweet, chewy, aromatic black substance made by evaporation from the juice of a root and used as a candy and in medicine.

• A candy flavored with such a substance : [as adj. ] licorice gumdrops.

2. The widely distributed plant of the pea family from which this product is obtained.

• Genus Glycyrrhiza, family Leguminosae; many species are used locally to obtain licorice, the chief commercial source being the cultivated G. glabra.

OK we got the definition over with and I always wondered why there was 2 variations on the spelling!

We recently saw liquorice (I’m British) in our TOP 10 HERBS FOR AUTUMN, and in recent articles we have seen how it is a multifunctional spice that can used in cooking, medicine and can even be used as a sweetener. In many cultures it has been used as a treatment and is particularly useful from a medical perspective for improving breathing and throat issues e.g. sore throats, and irritating coughts. Because of its spicy and sweet nature it is used extensively to make traditional sweets and confectionary.

From a medical point of view modern science has also been focussing on liquorice and it has been shown to be useful for many medical conditions and maintaining a healthy body.


Based on Ayurvedic traditional recipes, InnOrbit products can help us in a variety of ways!  One of the key ingredients we use is Liquorice (or Licorice!) and, as well as being a functional ingredient, adds a great nuance (aniseed note) to the taste profile of InnOrbit’s functional drinks.”  A. Ward (InnOrbit).


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