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Green tea & Neuroprotection

January 7, 2012

We have seen how antioxidant compounds, like the catechins in Green Tea are gaining attention of researchers in the field of brain aging and related degenerative illnesses.

We have also seen on this blog how green tea contains large amounts of polyphenols, monomeric catechins with antioxidant activity, that can act directly on the brain tissue.

This review focuses on the properties of Green Tea and the direct antioxidant action of its polyphenols and the fine modulation of signaling systems related to survival and antioxidant defenses in the central nervous system in an animal model.


The paper discusses the beneficial action of catechins from Green Tea in learning and memory.

The researchers conclude that Green Tea polyphenols can have a promising role in the reversal of age-related loss of neuronal plasticity and recovery after neuronal lesions associated with aging.





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