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Young&Fun and Natural Ingredient Functionality

January 9, 2012

Ayurvedic ingredients can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the InnOrbit infusion is no excepton.

Below we have summarised the healthy functionality of YOUNG&FUN and how it can help to support brain function and anti-inflammatory action.  This formulation, made with natural ingredients, also helps to cool the Pitta Dosha…ideal for cooling tempers in the afternoon and anytime on a hot day to refresh the mind and body.

Natural ingredients that could help with Brain Function and have a “cooling” Anti-inflammatory action to aid memory and concentration are:

    • Green tea: Catechins found in green tea help with memory and neurodegenerative diseases.
    • Pennywort: Neuroprotective effects  (from asiaticosides)
    • Mint: Linarin, a component of mint, is neuroprotective
    • Liquorice: could slow down cognitive impairment and enhance memory
    • Holy Basil: A COX-II anti-inflammatory agent
    • Cardamom: A powerful anti-inflammatory action
    • Lemongrass: Relieves stress & anxiety and has antioxidant action
    • Hibiscus: Neuro-protective functionality

Click on the ingredients for more information.  The InnOrbit doctors and product designers have made Young&Fun to contain functional & natural ingredients and be tasty at the same time:

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