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Advent of a Link between Ayurveda and Modern Health Science

January 16, 2012

The First International Congress on Ayurveda was held in Milan, Italy in March 2009 – the first scientific event of this kind outside of the traditional centres found in the East (India etc).

This innovative meeting focused on the human being as the product of interactions between Awareness, Environment and Health, subjects that the West tends to consider separate. In Ayurveda these concepts are believed to be very much connected

 “The Congress established a bridge between indian and western philosophy, scientific and biomedical thinking in order to expand knowledge and healthcare.”

Advent of a Link between Ayurveda and Modern Health Science: The Proceedings of the First International Congress on Ayurveda, “Ayurveda: The Meaning of Life—Awareness, Environment, and Health” March 21-22, 2009, Milan, Italy

Some recent Journal articles accepted and about to be published:


It has to be roundly applauded that a serious venture is now being undertaken to establish a connection between two great scientific methods of thought & philosophy: Ayurveda and Modern Science.”  Dr Andrew Ward (InnOrbit)

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