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Cinnamon Anti-aging Effects

January 23, 2012

A study was initiated to  look for type I collagen biosynthesis-inducing substances in various foods using human dermal fibroblasts.  Reactivation of collagen synthesis could potentially rejuvenate the skin.

Takasao, et al  found that cinnamon extract facilitates collagen biosynthesis.

Cinnamon extract:

  • Up-regulated both mRNA and protein expression levels of type I collagen
  • Cinnamaldehyde as a major active component promoting the expression of collagen
  • Cinnamaldehyde significantly increased the phosphorylation levels of IGF-I receptor and its downstream signaling molecules such as insulin receptor substrate-1 and Erk1/2 in an IGF-I-independent manner.

These results suggested that cinnamon extract is useful in the treatment of anti-aging for skin.

Se inició un estudio para buscar sustancias que pueden inducir la biosíntesis de colágeno en los distintos alimentos utilizando los fibroblastos dérmicos humanos. La reactivación de la síntesis de colágeno podría rejuvenecer la piel.

Takasao, et al encontraron que la canela facilita la biosíntesis del colágeno.

Estos resultados sugieren que el extracto de canela es útil en el tratamiento de anti-envejecimiento de la piel.

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