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InnOrbit ingredients and Skin Care

January 24, 2012

We are what we eat & drink and we have focussed a lot on the internal advantages of drinking InnOrbit infusions recently.  The phytonutrients of natural ingredients like green tea, ginger and liquorice have been shown both by Ayruvedic science and Modern science to be a medicine chest for ailments (cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease etc) and maintaing good health as part of a wider healthier lifestyle.

..but, what about externally, as skin care or even hair care?

Ayurvedic science (over 5000 years old) even “developed” the description of skin types within a wider classification called doshas:

Vata Skin

  • dry, rough, cold, thin with fine pores and wrinkled.

Pitta Skin

  • delicate, fair and red toned with freckles, moles or acne and burns easily.

Kapha Skin

  • oily, smooth, moist and thick with a tendency towards large pores
Which DOSHA are you?


“Skin And Water
Health professionals are aware that the condition of the skin is a reflection of overall health. When it is soft, supple, moist, and free of blemish, it is a good indicator that the tissues inside the body are also healthy. But when the skin is dry, wrinkled or ulcerated, it is a reflection that those same conditions exist within the body.

The Skin is the largest organ of the human body and the largest detoxification organ. It needs a continual supply of water as evaporation and perspiration continually pull moisture through the skin to eliminate wastes and cleanse the tissues. Without adequate hydration, wastes build up, causing problems for the skin as well as for the rest of the body.”  Holistic Health Blog

Drinking water is essential.  And healthy natural infusions can help to maintain a healthy looking skin just from their water content alone!

Natural herbs in cosmetics for the skin are nothing new but the information below adds another important aspect to the InnOrbit infusions and show that they provide multi-functional value and could help in this respect.

Free radical scavengers

Free radicals caused by the sun and other agents can cause damage.  The issue is doubly worse because free radicals initiate a chain reaction that is self propelling.  Antioxidants help to stem this and stop the chain reaction.

Ursolic and oleanolic acids found in Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) have been determined to be effective free radical scavengers.  Many other components in Natural Herbs can stop these chain reactions through their antioxidant behaviour.

Skin Aging

Pennywort (Centella asiatica) has been studied and may be able to slow or modulate skin aging by regulating stress induced aging by preventing the repression of DNA replication and mitosis-related gene expression.  It has also been implicated in the acceleration of wound-healing which could help with skin improvement.

Results from studies on Emblica officinalis suggest that it effectively inhibits UVB-induced photo-aging in human skin because of  its free radical scavenging ability. The potential ability of Embilica to reduce skin cancer was also proven in animal model systems.

Cinnamon: results suggested that cinnamon extract is useful in the treatment of anti-aging skin by increasing the levels of initiators of collagen biosynthesis.

Green tea: Dr Nick Perricone is a big fan of green tea “..antioxidant-rich beverages such as green tea also combat free radical damage and inflammation“.  And other scientists back him up.  The polyphenols of green tea have been shown to have potential use in skin photoprotection and prevention of photo-carcinogenesis in humans.  Laboratory studies in animal models (Nicols, et al) also suggest that Green Tea polyphenols have the ability to protect the skin from the adverse effects of UV radiation, including the risk of skin cancers. It is suggested that polyphenols may favorably supplement sunscreens protection, and may be useful for skin diseases associated with solar UV radiation-induced inflammation, oxidative stress and DNA damage.


Liquorice is a traditional cure for dermatitis and recent evidence supports that licochalcone (a liquorice component) has therapeutic potential to reduce skin inflammation.


Neem is also a traditional treatment for the hair to protect against bugs but could also be good for dandruff too!

Useful reading:

Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body, and all skin conditions, from psoriasis to acne to aging, are the manifestations of your body’s internal needs, including its nutritional needs.” Dr. Georgiana Donadio

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