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How InnOrbit Designed their Products

January 26, 2012

InnOrbit drinks are based on ancient Traditional Ayurvedic Recipes using Natural Ingredients inherited through the generations.  The ingredients are sourced high in the Himalayas from small local farmers.

  •  Herbs are hand picked, cut, sun dried, and blended into our products.
  • Ingredient functionality is now supported by modern medical research data.

In order to design their products the InnOrbit team took field-trips to Northern India.  This is a remote mountainous region noted for its tough, hardworking people, who maintain long, healthy lives in a beautiful but harsh environment.

Here the team encountered at first hand people who had great knowledge of plants and herbs handed down over generations.  They knew which ingredients to pick and combine for a host of functional benefits from boosting their energy to work in the fields to relaxing themselves after a hard day in the mountains.

Science meets Tradition

After talking to dozens of people and collecting vital knowledge, InnOrbit travelled to Delhi and Nagpur to discuss the findings with Ayurvedic doctors who specialise in traditional Indian medicine. With these experts proprietary blends were created for the different functional ingredients matching modern key global food trends. This is where science embraced the past.

Our four innovative Infusions, aim to integrate and balance the body, mind and spirit to improve and promote wellness:

  • Up&Go: Boosts Energy & Immunity
  • Slim&Fit: Maintains a slender shape
  •  Young&Fun: Aids neurone function & helps with memory
  • Calm&Relax: Relieves stress & soothes sleep

The Story of Sancha and how Up&Go was developed:

Whilst in the Mountains, we encountered Sancha carrying a heavy basket of vegetables up a steep mountain path that had us wheezing for breath because of the altitude.
Sancha had a 20Km walk to the nearest village and we were impressed by her energy.
Whilst we were chatting, she crushed a handful of different leaves from her apron and began to chew. She told us that this kept her going throughout the day and cope with bringing up her children. She gave us a handful of her chewing mix as we parted.
Our Ayurvedic UP & GO blend is based on Sancha’s hand picked mix of local herbs and plants – which her mother had given her ever since Sancha was a little girl …

Each of the InnOrbit functional blends has a similar story like this of how the InnOrbit team, as the Ayurvedic Doctors of thousands of years ago did, observed local people eating natural herb blends and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Pubmed uses over 21 million citations of biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.  A quick review of the InnOrbit ingredients in Pubmed reveals that modern scientists are now catching up with Ayurvedic science and proving, from a modern perspective, that these ingredients have huge benefits for health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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