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Sleep helps to burn fat!

February 13, 2012

A 2009 study conducted in Sao Paulo, Brazil, found that while sleeping you burn three times more fat then when lying in bed awake. In another study, participants on identical diets that slept 5.5 hours lost lean muscle, as opposed to those sleeping 7+ hours who lost fat. And it all has to do with our stages of sleep, specifically REM sleep.

The study is reported on the ShareCare website.

During REM sleep your brain is more active than normal and can be even more active than when you are awake.

Brain activity, even when asleep, requires fuel and so having a good nights sleep could actually be another healthy reason for drinking the sleep soothing infusion Calm&Relax from InnOrbit. Research on Amla, for example, showed that it can induce sleep.


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