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Green Tea Benefits for Sugar & Fat control

February 16, 2012

There has been a flurry or interest in our recent InnOrbit Green Tea and diabetes control articles.

In this short review we summarise the results of the most recent scientific information.  Some of this has been said before but we feel this is worth repeating!

Sugar control using Green Tea

Green tea has been used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine and other cultures for many hundreds of years.  InnOrbit recommend the prevention route  to any chronic disease and it is looking more and more likely that Green tea can have a positive benefit as part of an overall healthy lifestyle for those of us that want to control sugar levels in the blood.  The wider implication of this is that Green tea may also have positive benefits for sports people and those who exercise to optimise sugar metabolism.

Those who are suffering with diabetes may benefit as it looks like green tea compounds (EGCG) may enhance tolerance to blood sugar in diabetes and could be used as part of a nutritional strategy to control diabetes.

Specific Green Tea Benefits

Green tea has been studied in model systems to determine how it can  affects the metabolism of sugars.  Research data has indicated that the compounds in green tea can improve glucose metabolism and benefit in the following ways:

  • Increasing insulin sensitivity thereby ameliorating glucose metabolism
  • Reducing fasting blood glucose levels
  • Better kidney function
  • More optimal liver function
  • Reducing triglyceride levels
  • Reducing impairment to cells in the pancreas which produce insulin

“We will keep you updated as more information is gathered and the scientists add to the database of information”

Potential Obesity control for Green Tea Drinkers

As we have written previously on these pages one of the complicating factors for Diabetes is Obesity.  Research is seemingly now supporting the earlier evidence that green tea can boost fat metabolism.

Research data has indicated that not only can Green tea increase satiety but it can also increase the breakdown of fats.   Our recommendation, as above, is to use this as a preventative measure before obesity sets in. In other words drink green tea as part of a wider health strategy.

Benefits of Green Tea For Cardiovascular Health

Green tea catechins can protect against heart tissue damage after Ischemic (lack of blood supply) injury in an animal model. The results support a possible involvement of phase 2 enzymes in the protection by green tea catechins against heart injury.

EGCG (catechins), quercetin and other molecules found in green tea have significant antioxidant effect.

Researchers at have performed studies and results look like green tea ingredients could help in the preservation of healthy heart muscle.

Their data suggest that these molecules may inhibit cardiac myocyte apoptosis by preventing telomere shortening.

“Green Tea is a key ingredient in our infusion range (CALM&RELAX, UP&GO, YOUNG&FUN, and SLIM&FIT).  We knew it was an important factor in adding health functionality from our Ayurvedic Doctors. And now, as modern medicine catches up to the past, we are seeing increasing support evidence that Green Tea can be taken as part of a wider nutritional strategy to remain healthy.” Dr A. Ward (InnOrbit)


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