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February 26, 2012

Young&Fun is a cool tasting infusion which has a zesty and refreshing taste.  With sweet, aniseed, minty and citrus notes  from Liquorice, Mint,  and Lemongrass amongst other natural ingredients, this rich herb mixture contains Centella asiatica, Liquorice, Mint, Holy Basil and Cardamom amongst other natural ingredients.  The infusion posseses cooling and Pitta-soothing functionality.

Young&Fun equilibrates the Pitta Dosha and is designed to reinforce and refresh the body and mind and aid neurological function

Young&Fun  is great for drinking all day and especially appropriate for those hot summer days and for cooling heated tempers in the afternoons!

Check this link out on how YOUNG&FUN ingredients are being shown to have neuro-protective functionality by modern science.

  • Bigger pyramid, more space, better circulation of hot water and extraction of the bioactive compounds.
  • 2.4 grammes per triangle
  • Helps support brain function, enhance memory and promote concentration.
  • Products accredited by the Vegetarian Society


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