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Why we need to sleep and How Calm&Relax could help

March 1, 2012

This was taken from the BBC, an interesting article on Sleep: Why do we need to sleep?

The question still perplexes scientists, but there are now several intriguing theories that explain our need for a daily nap:

  • Memory aid
  • Ease bad experiences
  • Restorative

The world record for going without sleep is eleven days!  Not recommended by our medical advisers here at InnOrbit.

Find out how not getting enough sleep can be bad for our health: HERE

Remember InnOrbit’s CALM&RELAX made with 100% natural ingredients encourages natural sleep!

Calm&Relax key functionality:

The ingredients found in Calm&Relax functional drink have been reviewed on this website.  CALM&RELAX will help relieve anxiety & stress and support natural sleep whilst calming the nervous system.  Now modern science looks like its supporting this…


Inhibits fatigue


Helps to induce sleep (animal model)


Reduces stress and anxiety


Anti-stress and Anti-anxiety effects


Soothes sleep


Helps to relax sore muscles and so aid restful sleep


Could have positive effects on cognitive functions & anxiety


Induces relaxation and may help to prepare the body for sleep


Aids sleep and helps with relaxation and breathing

Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Combats stress & reduces pain

Green Tea

Relieves Stress


Useful Reading:



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