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1+1 = 3; or Synergy between herbs & spices is better!

March 3, 2012
  • An interesting phenomena that is emerging when I speak to experts in the field of Herbs and Spices or, more accurately Natural Medicine, is that combinations of ingredients are more powerful than single doses.  Also, it seems that natural forms can be more effective then the “pure chemical” form.
  • In this blog there is a lot written about single dosage of herbs and spices.  I will try to write something soon on combinations in terms of Ayurvedic science and the Doshas.
  • In the meantime take a look at these two scientific papers published recently.  The first one suggests that Multi Herbal mixtures have a more potent antioxidant activity than single doses.  The 2nd paper shows that whole extract of Hibiscus (minus fibres etc.) is more potent than pure Hibiscus isolates.

Ayurvedic doctors were already developing this synergistic approach with herbal remedies many hundreds of years ago to maintain health and prevent diseases

Full paper abstract and link can be found HERE:

Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis and similar are caused by free radicals produced by metabolic pathways.

Many plants like Cinnamomum cassia and Camellia sinensis Linn. have been researched with respect to their antioxidant properties and reported on this  blog extensively.

The researchers study was performed to corroborate the hypothesis that formulation of a poly-herbal combination shows a synergistic effect with green tea.

The research results suggest that a combination of all these herbs with green tea can synergistically enhance antioxidantactivity and thus lower doses of each herb with green tea may be used.

“Studies showed that individual herbs have significant amounts of phenolics and flavonoids and their polyherbal combination with green tea was found to produce best antioxidant activity among all individual extracts.”

We suspect that Ayurvedic doctors probably knew this before!

Hibiscus 1+1=3

An interesting study on Hibiscus was performed by Herranz-López Met al and reported in Phytomedicine.

Aqueous extracts of Hibiscus were up to 100 times more efficient in inhibiting fat (triglyceride) storage when devoid of fibre and polysaccharides.

Interestingly, when polyphenols were fractionated and isolated, the benefits of the whole extract were greater than the sum of its parts, which indicated a previously unnoticed synergism. 1+1=3 again!

Great news for InnOrbit infusion drinkers!



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