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The Art & Science of Designing a Product

March 3, 2012
  • One thing you will notice reading about the InnOrbit products is that they have complicated mixtures of herbs and spices.  Complicated, not just in functionality, their physical appearance and form, but also in taste profile.
  • There are many important factors to designing a product that people want to eat or drink.  Two things worth mentioning here are HEALTH FUNCTIONALITY and TASTE.
  • The objective of our R&D department was to design a product that can help with  health functionality and taste good at the same time. Ayurvedic doctors help to get the proportions right for health functionality.  This is where art and science meet to get the proportions right.  We talk in depth about the health and scientific functionality but the products have to taste good too.  We think the R&D department and the doctors have done a great job but you have to make your own mind about that…
Just look at the number of taste descriptors for Liquorice alone:
  • sweet anise, licorice, mimosa
  • anise fragrance
  • anise seed oil
  • sweet aniseed, basil, fennel, raspberry, green
  • sassafrass
  • fresh green, waxy vegetable skin
The R&D team, including Ayurvedic Doctors have done a great job to design the infusions to taste great and have the desired health functionality.” Dr A. Ward (InnOrbit España)

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