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Natural Neuroprotective Compounds from InnOrbit

March 6, 2012

As we age, our brains age along with us. Research is showing that you can help to maintain your body and mind by following a healthy lifestyle and including ”smart” ingredients in your daily eating regimen.  The natural ingredients that we use have key functionality in the InnOrbit infusion YOUNG&FUN.  The ingredients are sourced from Northern India near the Himalayas.  Check out Arkhan’s story and how we developed the recipe of YOUNG&FUN with his help!

Petragliaet al (University of Rochester Medical Center, USA) .

The use of dietary supplements and herbal remedies is becoming more common treating brain disorders.  The investigators conducted a literature review and studied the neuro-protective properties of a few of the more widely known natural plants and their compounds.

They demonstrated that there is a profusion of pre-clinical studies demonstrating the neuroprotective properties of a variety of compounds.

“Conclusion: There are encouraging results from laboratory studies demonstrating the multi-mechanistic neuroprotective properties of many naturally occurring compounds. Similarly, there are some intriguing clinical observational studies that potentially suggest both acute and chronic neuroprotective effects. Thus, there is a need for future trials exploring the potential therapeutic benefits of these compounds in the treatment of traumatic brain injury, particularly concussion.”

We think what we eat?

A review by  McDaniel et al,  on “brain-specific” nutrients suggested some positive effects in preliminary controlled studies using standard psychometric memory assessments or more general tests designed to reveal cognitive impairment. They suggest that future evaluations of the possible memory benefits of these supplements might fruitfully focus on memory processes rather than on memory tests per se.

May et al, go further and suggest that natural herbs and spices that appeared in books written between c. 650 to 1911 could also have positive benefits on brain function.  The herbs identified in this study may warrant further experimental and clinical evaluation both individually and in combination for age related chronic brain conditions.

In animal models some of the natural ingredients used in InnOrbit functional drinks have also been investigated and shown to have positive effects on brain function.  Parle & Bansal suggest that herb mixes based on Emblica officinalis may prove to be a useful remedy for the management of Alzheimer’s disease owing to its antioxidant effect, pro-cholinergic action and/or antiamnesic potential (See also this article).

Liquorice has also figured in the research on improving brain function.  Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice/Liquorice): could slow down cognitive impairment and enhance memory.  Scientists suggest that memory deficit, a major outcome of prolonged elevated blood sugar level, might be reversed with the help of licorice.   Also evidence suggests the following exciting directions that Liquorice may help in:

The combination of antioxidant, neuro-protective and anticholinesterase properties of glabridin may have a positive effect for  deleterious effects of diabetes on learning and memory in an animal model.

The paper suggests that glabridin appears to be a promising candidate for memory improvement and it will be worthwhile to explore the potential of glabridin in the management of Alzheimer patients.

Their results suggest that liquorice may possess an antidepressant effect.

Amongst the other interesting findings in Pubmed modern scientists have shown:

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  1. March 6, 2012 3:26 pm

    Absolutely love liquorice! Thank you for all the useful information!


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