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The Wise Herb Company Guide to Training and Exercise

March 8, 2012

After a number of months experimenting with the InnOrbit infusions, exercising and talking to fellow cyclists I think I’ve finally solved when to use the different Infusions.

The functional drinks can be taken cold or hot so ideal for year-round training. Of course, in colder weather I am taking these hot but come June I will be making these up cold with a touch of fruit juice (e.g. Lemon really goes well with the infusions…more on hot weather recipes soon!).

Here are my recommendations based on talking to fellow cyclists, Ayurvedic recommendations and the body of work now available in the scientific literature:

UP&GO: Mornings and before training. Function: TO BOOST ENERGY & IMMUNITY

There has been numerous studies on the natural herbs and spices and it looks like components like Cinnamon and Green Tea really can help the body to convert sugars and fats efficiently. There also seems to be some evidence that certain components can help to inhibit fatigue. That’s the scientific evidence, and anecdotally I would say that there is definitely a lift in performance and the ability to sustain longer periods of intense training. A more comprehensive review of UP&GO can be found here.

YOUNG&FUN: Directly after training Function: HELPS TO “COOL” DOWN & REFRESH THE BODY and MIND.

YOUNG&FUN is jam packed full of antioxidants and researchers have shown that herbs like Lemongrass could help alleviate soreness and/or stress after exercise.

There is also significant anti-inflammatory action in YOUNG&FUN, from herbs & spices like Green Tea, which will really help to combat any of the reactive oxygen generated radicals after exercise.

YOUNG&FUN is principally designed for neurological function but will also help to cool you down after exercise in the afternoon or evening. Evidence suggests that herbs like Hibiscus are good at freshening you up and cooling the body down possibly through its antioxidant functionality and its ability to modulate blood pressure. Check out more information on YOUNG&FUN here.

CALM&RELAX: Late afternoon and just before bed. Function: AIDS RECOVERY, RELAXATION and ENHANCES NATURAL SLEEP.

Definitely one that allows you to chill out and seems to aid natural sleep. I have taken this too straight after cycling but I think this suits evenings better. Also, it is important to recover properly and if you want to recover properly good sleep is essential whether the afternoon siesta or at night. Check out the ingredients that have been shown by modern science to have “relaxing” functionality.

Rip Van Winkle

The scientists are also backing the evidence of the Ayurvedic doctors. There are several ingredients in CALM&RELAX that help to you to relax and recover. Amla helps to induce sleep and Neem can reduces stress and anxiety. Similarly, Lemongrass has Anti-pain and Anti-anxiety functionality and Hibiscus enhances natural sleep. Ginger, packed with antioxidants, will also help those sore legs recover.

SLIM&FIT: Anytime but particularly effective just after meals. Function: AIDS DIGESTION AND STAVES OFF HUNGER.

This really helps to manage an ideal weight. Experience suggests that you need to use this as part of a healthy lifestyle to actually lose weight i.e. eating and exercising properly. There are no silver bullets – if it is too good to be true then it usually is!

The ingredients are starting to show up in the scientific realm too and Caralluma and Garcinia seem particularly effective at controlling appetite and aiding the digestion of fats and sugars. There are also other functionalities that apparently are able to control the levels of blood sugar and lipids like Cinnamon amongst others. Ginger has also excellent functionality for settling the stomach after a meal so seems to suit many people after eating and can potentially reduce fat levels in the blood.

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