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Link Found Between Excess Free Radicals & High Blood Pressure

March 12, 2012

High blood pressure can be induced — and brought back to normal — by changing levels of highly reactive oxygen molecules called free radicals and nitric oxide, which currently is being studied for its role in cardiovascular disease and other functions in the body.

Oxidative stress has been linked to heart disease, inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, and a host of other disorders. It is caused by the production of free radicals, which damage DNA and alter the structure of key proteins.

“These findings tell us that oxidative stress produced by increased free radical levels induces hypertension by lowering the levels of nitric oxide in the body,” said Vaziri, the study leader.

“Lowering these levels has resulted in hypertension, showing that nitric oxide is a key component to regulating blood pressure…”

The research team are now looking at how blood pressure and nitric oxide can be affected by other antioxidants and how diet can play a role in regulating levels of free radicals and nitric oxide, thus aaaffecting the regulation of blood pressure.

Full article can be read HERE



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