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Sugar, Caffeine & Energy: The Alternatives

March 13, 2012

Why sugar & caffeine are not so good to over-dose on!


Glucose is the chosen fuel for the body.  However, too much sugar can spike insulin levels which can lead to a “crash” feeling after about an hour or so.  Unfortunately there is no alternative to energy….we need it to live…. but there is more than one way to crack a nut.

Energy drinks generally contain a substantial amount of sugar as their fuel source.  Over indulging in sugar ingestion over a long period of time has been linked to diabetes.  The trick is to eat a well balanced diet and supplement the diet when exercising with complex carbohydrates – not all sugars are created equal – see this LINK.


Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee and is found in high amounts in energy drinks. Typical amounts average between 70 and 200mg.  A regular cup of coffee has about  110-150 mg of caffeine.  Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system giving the body a sense of alertness. It can raise heart rate and blood pressure but a negative effect, particularly for those practising sport, is dehydration.  Too much caffeine can produce sleeplessness, heart palpitations, headaches, and nausea.  It may be more practical and certainly less expensive to have a coffee before training but don’t overdo it on the caffeine intake.

Healthy Alternatives:

InnOrbit have created an Energy Shot that can provide energy but does not contain Caffeine or Sugar.  The Energy Shot recipe is loosely based on the UP&GO infusion and is 100% Natural.  More on this soon…!

Based on a traditional recipe, the natural ingredients will provide slow energy for a relatively long period (3 hours or 5 hours).  Of course, eating a well balanced diet is also recommended.  The InnOrbit Energy Shot will not give a sugar “crash” and will not give any of the side effects of caffeine.  Green Tea also has the advantage of  having an interesting component called Theanine.  Theanine, it is thought, partially counteracts caffeine-induced sleep disturbance and may have other health enhancing properties.

Check out this LINK for more information.


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