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Green Tea – the very latest research

March 18, 2012

The latest Green Tea scientific findings summarized:

  • Green tea prevents obesity by increasing expression of insulin-1 like growth factor binding protein-1 in adipose tissue (animal model).
  • Green tea review: Data suggests that dietary supplementation with flavonoid-rich foods, such as Green Tea lead to significant reversals of age-related deficits on spatial memory and learning. (see also this link).
  • Green tea dietary flavan-3-ols intake may have beneficial effects on Metabolic Syndrome risk by reducing the risk of hypertension.
  • Green tea polyphenols inhibit prostate tumor xenograft growth by localizing to the tumor and decreasing oxidative stress and angiogenesis.


Té Verde:

  • Puede reducir niveles de obesidad;
  • Puede revertir las deficiencias del cerebro relacionadas con la edad;
  • Tiene efectos beneficiosos sobre el riesgo de síndrome metabólico;
  • Puede inhibir tumores de próstata
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