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A Healthy Heart with the Wise Herb Company

March 21, 2012

The Wise Herb Company’s healthy infusions are a perfect complement to the seven heart health factors posted here.  The natural herbs and spices in the traditional recipes have been implicated in maintaining a healthy heart and are used as key ingredients in  our range of Functional drinks (UP&GO; SLIM&FIT; CALM&RELAX; YOUNG&FUN).

Indeed, investigators in several universities found that higher urinary counts of polyphenols were associated with greatly reduced cardiovascular risks. Article can be viewed here.

Researchers have also been telling us that oxidative stress produced by increased free radical levels induces hypertension by lowering the levels of nitric oxide in the body.  Antioxidants, in the form of polyphenolics in herbs and spices, are able to mop up these free radicals.

The research team are now looking at how blood pressure and nitric oxide can be affected by other antioxidants and how diet can play a role in regulating levels of free radicals and nitric oxide, thus affecting the regulation of blood pressure (article can be read HERE).  Thankfully, the infusions in our range are jam-packed full of polyphenolics and antioxidants.

In terms of the specific ingredients that The Wise Herb Company uses:


Ojha et al in a scientific study investigated the protective role of Amla (E. officinalis) against cardio-toxicity in an animal model. Pretreatment with E. officinalis exhibited restoration of  heart function along with significant preservation of antioxidants, myocytes-injury-specific marker enzymes and significant inhibition of lipid peroxidation.


In terms of its positive Cardiovascular properties it has been implicated in the:

Clearly Cardamon has several heart warming medicinal properties and we are happy to use it as a key ingredient in InnOrbit Functional drinks.

Green Tea:

Green tea catechins, dietary antioxidants, can protect against heart tissue after Ischemic (lack of blood supply) injury,

Researchers at Department of Pharmacology in Suzhou University have performed some studies and their results look like green tea ingredients could help in the preservation of healthy heart muscle.


Clinical research data supports the idea that consumption of hibiscus in an amount readily incorporated into the diet may play a role in controlling blood pressure.  Studies have also implicated this ingredient in anti-inflammatory, Cardio-protective and Neuro-protective effects.

For more information on the above functional benefits click on the following link: Rosalie Marion Bliss (USDA) – Lowering blood pressure.


Researchers (Ojha S et al) have demonstrated the cardioprotective potential of G. glabra against heart attack by the reduction of oxidative stress and favorable modulation of cardiac function.  Full article abstract can be seen here.

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