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Chill Out with CALM&RELAX

March 21, 2012

In an earlier posts we’ve mentioned how UP&GO can be drunk first thing in the morning to give a boost to energy, SLIM&FIT can be drunk in between meals (11:00 and at 16:00) to settle your stomach and stave off hunger.  Well, CALM&RELAX is a real evening drink.  With lots of functionality to help relieve stress and anxiety CALM&RELAX is a great drink for chilling out with and its ingredients will soothe sleep (we’ve seen before how Sleep can affect health).  Designed by Ayurvedic doctors and with modern science now supporting its health functionality:

Key Ingredient Functionality:


Inhibits fatigue


Helps to induce sleep (animal model)


Reduces stress and anxiety


Anti-stress and Anti-anxiety effects


Soothes sleep


Helps to relax sore muscles and so aid restful sleep


Could have positive effects on cognitive functions & anxiety


Induces relaxation and may help to prepare the body for sleep


Aids sleep and helps with relaxation and breathing

Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Combats stress & reduces pain

Holy Basil can help to alleviate stress and anxiety by modulating Cortisol. Research at the Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow, has shown that constituents of Ocimum sanctum have antistress activity. Similar findings where also suggested by Singh et al.

Green Tea

Relieves Stress


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