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Alternatives to Coffee

March 22, 2012

On the Mediterranean coast, where the Spanish HQ is based, Coffee is a morning ritual which is going to be difficult to change.  In many countries now, from USA to the UK and beyond, the morning coffee is a way to start the day, accompanying breakfast but at the same time elevating cortisol levels.  Should we rethink the way we start the day?

This ritual, it is now thought, may also be partly responsible for the increasing waist-lines we are seeing in Western Society.


Cortisol enables our internal systems to be stable during stress – like fear and extreme physical exertion.  It is the flight or fight hormone. During periods of stress, cortisol is produced by the body in the quantities necessary to combat stress.

  • When  cortisol levels are high – this produces high blood sugar.  Stress equates to fight or flight reaction and we need sugar to do both of these.
  • Excess sugar can have adverse effect on health.
  • Cortisol levels increases with age.

Some of the negative effects of elevated concentrations of cortisol:

  • Cortisol is “toxic” when it circulates in our system for prolonged periods of time.
  • Brain cells can die.
  • It can compromise the immune system.
  • It can decrease muscle mass, and cause thinning of the skin which results in prominent blood vessels.

So, how can you keep your cortisol under control?

  • Cut out coffee!
  • Coffee contains a number of organic acids that promote the increase of cortisol levels and is not due to the caffeine!
  • Get good, appropriate levels of sleep every night.
  • Minimize stress and stress-inducing scenarios whenever possible.


Coffee may not be such a healthy way to start the day so if you are interested in breaking the habit, maybe these suggestions from the Wise Herb Company could help:

UP&GO maybe one answer.  We have seen in previous pages how UP&GO can boost energy without the inevitable crash that sugar and caffeine can give.

CALM&RELAX is also a good way to alleviate stress.  We have seen on previous pages how herbs & spices like HOLY BASIL (O. Sanctum) or Tusli can alleviate stress levels.

There are plenty of other ingredients in both UP&GO and CALM&RELAX which could make a great alternative to a coffee.


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