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Natural Herbs & Spices and Brain Protection

March 23, 2012

Research by Blaylock et al, in Surgical Neurology International (Mar 22, 2012) have highlighted the pathological process by which nerve cells are damaged and killed by excessive stimulation – excitotoxicity. There is compelling evidence that a combination of proinflammatory immune overactivation and excitotoxicity is central to the progressive neurodegenerative process. Blaylock devised the term ‘immunoexcitotoxicity’ to describe this destructive process.

Central to this pathological process is chronic activation of the brain’s innate immune system.

Naturally occurring plants, like Green Tea, Mint & Holy Basil, can affect the above mechanisms and protect against injury and initiate healing of brain tissue.


Green tea catechins and luteolin, amongst others, have been studied, and they demonstrate significant positive effects on cell signaling.

Naturally derived phytochemicals dramatically affect neurological disorders and promote the release and generation of factors essential for central nervous system healing.

The investigators discuss the various processes and suggest future directions for research.


This paper is a nod in the direction to the natural drink YOUNG&FUN from The Wise Herb Company.


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