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Exercise and InnOrbit Infusions: Suggestions

March 26, 2012

 InnOrbit drinks portfolio can help with Sport


Here’s some simple tips for preparing and recovering for a week of sport – in this case cycling, but it could equally be any exercise at any level.  Please note it is imperative to eat a healthy balanced diet whilst embarking on any fitness or sports regime.  The InnOrbit infusions are complementary to a healthy lifestyle and will:

  • Support a sports programme by naturally energizing the body and helping build the Immune System.
  • Help naturally to calm and relax the mind & body and soothe natural sleep (essential for recovery).
  • Enliven the mind and body which will help the recovery process by refreshing the mind & body with antioxidants.
  • Balance digestion & appetite and provide complementary help for weight control.

Throughout the week you can take between 3 and 4 cups of InnOrbit UP&GO and SLIM&FIT infusion (per day).

Both of these drinks have natural ingredients and UP&GO will help to energise the body and reinvigorate the immune system.  This will help to  maintain my levels of energy.   SLIM&FIT will also help to settle the stomach and aid digestions after meals

Endurance athletes like to train their bodies to burn fat.  SLIM&FIT has herbs like Caralluma fimbriata and Garcinia which can help with this.

Depending on how you feel after mid-week sport you can take a CALM&RELAX drink to help with recovery and rest.  This infusion contains ginger and is packed with anti-inflammatory functionality which helps with muscle soreness. During the late evenings it will also aid natural sleep.

Alternatively, if it’s hot try YOUNG&FUN in the afternoons which is also packed with antioxidants but will help to cool and refresh the body. YOUNG&FUN will also help with concentration if you need to focus on work.

“It will take some experimentation for individual needs as getting the balance right between these 4 drinks will help you get through a week of exercise and work.

All of these drinks are packed with natural functionality so you always win!  All of the ingredients, as well as being selected by an Ayurvedic doctor, have proven functionality that have been tested in clinical studies or in modern scientific studies.”


  • 3 or 4 cups daily of InnOrbit SLIM&FIT and UP&GO infusion. After the ride or in the late afternoon 2 cups of CALM&RELAX or YOUNG&FUN.
  • Alternatively, in the morning before work or training – take an UP&GO to energise the day.
  • SLIM&FIT just after and in between meals will help with digestion and stave off hunger.
  • To help with work commitments: 1 cup of YOUNG&FUN infusion during the morning and/or afternoon will help to maintain concentration and will help to cool you down if it’s hot.
  • After training and in the evenings 1 cup of CALM&RELAX to aid relaxation and enhance natural sleep.

“Remember to eat & drink as normal while you are doing your sport so you don’t run out of energy and stay hydrated!”

“Sleep is essential for enabling the body to recover”

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