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CALM&RELAX: Naturally Soothing Serenity

April 13, 2012

Had a stressful week at work, kids playing up?

The ingredients found in Calm&Relax functional drink have been shown to help calm and relax a stressed out mind.  And there is a significant amount of evidence from Ayurvedic & Modern sciences to support this. The scientists from both suggest that this natural drink will help relieve anxiety & stress and support natural sleep whilst calming the nervous system.


The Ancient doctors realised that excessive stress in your life leads to your Vata force becoming imbalanced and you will start to feel out of control. This could contribute to anxiety and insomnia. Weight loss and the above early symptoms of a Vata imbalance can be equilibrated by taking various steps, for example, certain herbs and spice mixes and managing a regular routine help to balance Vata.

…And Modern Science is catching up…

Liquorice: Inhibits fatigue

Amla: Helps to induce sleep (animal model)

Neem: Reduces stress and anxiety

Lemongrass: Anti-stress and Anti-anxiety effects

Hibiscus: Soothes sleep

Ginger: Helps to relax sore muscles and so aid restful sleep

Pennywort: Could have positive effects on cognitive functions & anxiety

Mint: Induces relaxation and may help to prepare the body for sleep

Fennel: Aids sleep and helps with relaxation and breathing

Holy Basil (Tulsi): Combats stress & reduces pain

Green Tea: Relieves Stress

Another key advantage of being destressed and becalmed is that we will sleep better and we know that not getting enough sleep can be bad for our health.

Remember InnOrbit’s CALM&RELAX made with 100% natural ingredients encourages natural sleep and will calm and soothe your restless mind.

There are some simple lifestyle changes that you can do like getting a good routine and taking time out to disconnect (walking or chatting with friends and family). We believe that CALM&RELAX mix of herbs and spices will complement your strategies to destress and will help to enhance natural sleep.

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