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Green Tea Catechins and Anti-Cancer Effects

April 21, 2012

Collectively, survivin silencing potentiated anti-cancer effects of Green Tea Catechins (EGCG) in human malignant neuroblastoma cells having survivin overexpression.  The results of a recent investigation suggest an anti-cancer effect in certain cancer therapies of Green Tea polyphenols.

Notes: Neuroblastoma is a solid tumor that mostly occurs in children. Malignant neuroblastomas have poor prognosis because conventional chemotherapeutic agents are hardly effective. Survivin, which is highly expressed in some malignant neuroblastomas, plays a significant role in inhibiting differentiation and apoptosis and promoting cell proliferation, invasion, and angiogenesis i.e survivin potentiates cancer spread and growth.


Hossain et al.

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